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Bonhomme Richard

Model of the French warship "Bonhomme Richard" Built in 1:48 scale by famous master Karen Melkoyan. The excellent accuracy of detailing, selection of colors and accuracy make the
Dimensions: 1600Х1300 mm.
The ship was built by the East India Company in 1765 to transport the extracted wealth from the colonies to France and was called "Duc de Dura". In 1779 the ship was sold to America. The new owners decided to use it as a privateer for the removal of goods from British merchants. John Paul Jones was appointed captain and the ship was renamed "Bonhomme Richard". Half of the cannon ports on the lower deck were caulked, and the guns were removed to increase the size of the boarding crew (to control the captured ships). September 23, 1779 in the battle against two British warships "Bonhomme Richard" emerged victorious, but received serious damage and not long survived his opponents, sank. By the way, John Paul Jones served in the rank of Rear Admiral in the Russian fleet, under the name of Pavel Jones. In 1790, his memoirs were published in Edinburgh, which later served Fenimore Cooper and Alexandеr Dumas as material for writing adventure novels.
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