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French corvette L'Aurore.

 100 euro

Marquis de Courtanvaux decided to engage in the preparation and financing of the expedition, the purpose of which was to experiment with sea watches, designed to determine the longitude. For this expedition a small corvette was built at the frequent shipyard in Le Havre. A model of this corvette was built right after the cruise. This model is stored in the library of San Genevier. The small size of the original made it possible to manufacture a model on a scale of 1:12. Of particular interest this model is the fact that civilian vessels, especially of that time, are very rare in the Ancre collection. Because of the large scale, it was possible to show the smallest details, and the model is surprisingly realistic. The fact that the model of the sailboat was built by a professional who himself was on that expedition, gives the absolute accuracy of the model. In fact, these small corvettes became the birth of small yachts. Their decor is very elegant and even the layout of the cabins is original.

A set of 17 drawings (without showing the internal structure of the hull) at a scale of 1:36 (except for sheet 17, where the theory for the 48th scale is given) includes:

• theory

• stern design

• nose design

• deck construction

• sections

• view of the bulwark and longitudinal section

• construction of partitions, steering wheel and boats

• guns, windlass, hatches, lanterns, anchors, gangways, bell tower

• side view

• view of the bow and stern

•view from above

• masts and yards

• elements of the mast

• sails

• view of the ship under sail

• theory 1:48 scale



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