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Model of the French 74 - the gun ship of the line.


Model of the French linear 74 - gun ship. The model is built according to the monograph Jean Boudriot, scale 1: 100. The model was built by master Dmitry Shevelev. The unique technology of aging wood and metal gives the model a harmonious realistic look, which makes the model look like a well-preserved museum exhibit two hundred years ago.

The French 74 - gun ships were the main fighting ships at the end of the 18th century, 74 - the gun ship was the result of a compromise, like any successful ship. The balance between powerful artillery and maneuverability, determined 74 - cannon ships ideal in its class. The ship had excellent maneuverability and was much more useful in combat than the heavy 100 -  cannons ships.

The displacement of such ships was about 3000 tons. For the construction of the ship it took 2800 centenary oaks (a whole forest) and 600 tons of iron and wooden bolts. The holds could hold products for 6 months and water for 12 weeks. The gun deck was supposed to carry a considerable weight of huge 36-guns weighing 4 tons each. Upper decks, equipped with lighter cannons.

The hull of the ship rose 7 meters above the water and carried huge sails. Each of the three masts, consisting of three elements, was equipped with three tiers of square sails, and the mast rose 60 meters from the deck. This ship was well designed, and when properly managed, the crew went perfectly to the sea in any weather. With a weak wind, the ship could reach speeds of up to ten knots.


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