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Model of the Imperial yacht "De Crone"

This model was constructed using the Admiralty Method. The original vessel was purchased by Fridrih the Great in England for 10,000 gold coins. His son Fridrih Wilhelm presented the ship to Peter the Great during their negotiations in 1716 and in Russia it is known as "De Crone", "The Gold Yacht" and "Gold Transport".

Pear, Ebony and Brass were used to construct this model and it is lavishly decorated using high quality moulding. This model is very unique in the sense that it is exceptionally high quality and an exact reconstruction of the historical vessel. The builder has only constructed two of these models - one of which was given to the president of Russia.

This model was constructed by well known master Narim Majgeldinov - the Champion of Russia, the World Champion and multiple prize winner. In 2007 Narim Maygeldinov won the government award "Peter Velikogo's Medal" for outstanding achievements for the preservation of the heritage and history of the Russian fleet.

Length:660 mm 
Height:150 mm 
Width:160 mm 

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