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Model of the Imperial yacht "Queen Victoria"

The model of the imperial yacht "Queen Victoria" was built by ship model maker Alexey Baranov. The scale of the model is 1:32 (the greatest length is 1.4 meters). Museum archival materials, old drawings, engravings and other documents were used to reconstruct the model of the yacht. Model sailboat is a copy of the historic yacht of the Grand Duke Constantine.

The underwater part of the hull is sheathed with stamped brass sheets, the metal parts are made by the method of precision brass casting. Used pink alpine pear wood. Used technology of artificial aging of wood and metal in the style of "vintage". The decor on the model of the ship is made of model brass by the method of jewelry casting. The rigging and sails are made of natural yarns and tirovano mastic based on beeswax. The technologies used give the model an aged and realistic look. 

Handmade ship model.The quality of the model is much higher than the famous museum samples.

A brief history of the imperial yacht "Queen Victoria" The yacht was built in England at the shipyard of the Isle of Wight near Southampton. Received its name in honor of the British Queen Victoria. In the autumn of 1846, the English crew brought the yacht to St. Petersburg where the Queen Victoria yacht was presented in a solemn ceremony to the Russian Tsar Alexander II. The yacht became part of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Empire and was assigned to the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. the yacht "Queen Victoria" regularly served the Russian monarchs as a floating residence for 17 years.

Scale: 1:32. 
Length: 1600mm; 
Height: 120mm; 
Width: 320mm; 

The model of the Imperial yacht "Queen Victoria" is the property of the master and is available for sale.
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