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Model of the Imperial yacht "Standart"

At present, shipbuilder master Alexey Baranov is finishing the construction of the model of the imperial yacht “Standart”. The scale of the model is 1:48, (the longest model is 2.6 meters). The construction uses a very rare “vintage” style using pink alpine pear wood and precision brass casting. The underwater part of the hull is made of separate brass sheets. Feature of the model is the maximum use of colors of natural materials, ebony, alpine pear. The decor is made by the method of precision jewelry casting, like all other metal parts.

Scale model of the ship is completely handmade. The quality of the model is much higher than the well-known museum specimen.

A Brief History of the Imperial Yacht 
The ship was founded October 1, 1893 as an imperial yacht at the Danish shipyard "Burmeister and Vine" by the decree of Emperor Alexander III. It was the favorite vessel of Emperor Nicholas II. In 1933-1936, was converted into a minefield and renamed Marti. Participated in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. In 1948 the ship served as a floating barracks and wore the name "Oka". In 1965, it was cut into scrap metal for dilapidation.

Model of the Imperial yacht "Standart" is the property of the master and is available for sale.  
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Scale: 1:48 
Length: 2780mm; 
Height: 1100mm; 
Width: 380mm; 
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