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Model of the ship De Zeven Provincien


Scale models - 1:48
The model of the ship De Zeven Provincien (1665), an 80-gun battleship, was built from St. Petersburg by the famous Russian master Narim Maygeldinov. The model was created in the Admiralty classic style. The construction of the model continued for five years.

History of the ship:

De Zeven Provinciën Seven Provinces (1665) is an 80-gun sailing line ship built at the Admiralty shipyard of Rotterdam. The name of the ship from the Dutch translates literally as "Seven provinces" and comes from the administrative division of the Republic of the United Provinces into seven provinces. The ship "Seven Provinces" was built in 1664-65 for the Admiralty of the Meuse in Rotterdam by ship master Salomon Jans van Tempel. The ship began its service as the flagship of Vice Admiral Art Janssee van Nesa, soon becoming the flagship of Lieutenant-Admiral Michiel Adrianeson de Reuter. Participated in the Four-Day Battle (1666), Two-day Battle (1666), Raid on Medway (1667), the Second Anglo-Dutch War. In the Third Anglo-Dutch War participated in the battles of Solebey (1672), in the first and second battles of the Shoonevilt (1673), in the Battle of Texel. In 1674, he participated in the expedition de Ruyter in Martinique. After the death of de Ruyter became the flagship of Shaunbenaht Jan van Brakel. During the War of the Augsburg League was part of the Dutch squadron in the battle of Barfleur. In 1694, he was scrapped.



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