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Model ship Le Boullongne

Scale 1:48
Admiralty model built the famous Russian master Mikhail Timofeyev. 
Materials: Alpine pear, ebony, boxwood.

The history of the ship:

The French ship Le Boullongne was built in 1758 by order of the French East India Company. It was named in honor of Iofnn Boullongne, son of the first painter of King Louis XV, knighted in 1724, and participated in the French military campaigns from 1757 to 1759.

This ship has a displacement of 600 tons. Length 36 meters from bow to stern and a width of 9.70 meters.

The ship was armed with a 20 th guns for protection and is equipped with a crew of 138 people.

Boullongne leaves the port of Lorient March 31, 1759 and sent to pery flight to India.

December 27, 1761, during his second voyage, he was captured by the British frigate and finished his career in the English Royal Navy.

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