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Danish 70th Gunship Prince Friedrich

The Admiralty Model of the Danish 70th Gunship 3rd Rank Prince Friedrich (1761-1780). The scale of the model is 1:48.

The author of the model, a wonderful master from Hamburg, Karl Ingwer Malcha


The model has been under construction for over 10 years.

The third rank is the basis of the Dutch fleet. Ships of this type carried from 64 to 80 guns. They have two ponds standing on a forecastle and a quarterdeck. The idea of ​​the number of guns for the ship of the 3rd rank in the Dutch fleet was considered 74. The 3rd rank became popular in the 1670s. In that period, the 60-, 70- and 80-gun ships were the main element of the linear structure. For only 150 years, the 3rd rank was the main type of battleships of the Dutch fleet. Their new technologies allowed the construction of 90-gun ships that dominated the seas in the future. Linear ships of the 3rd rank were divided into three categories: 80-gun, 74-gun and 64-gun.

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