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French battleship Le Fleuron 1729.

100 euro

A set of drawings of the French battleship Le Fleuron 1729. The set includes 29 sheets of drawings at a scale of 1:48 (sheets No. 25, 26, 27 and 29, patterns of all the sails, full sail equipment, a theoretical drawing made at a scale of 1:96 and 1:72 )

- theoretical drawing

- parts and device frames

- device housing, side view, drawings of frames in 1:48 scale

- drawings of decks: gun deck, quarterdeck, upper deck

- transverse and longitudinal sections of the body

- efficient things: spiers, boats, anchors, guns, entrance hatches

- masts, yards, rigging parts

- wiring rigging scheme

- Patterns of all the sails

- full sailing armament (scale 1:72)

- theoretical drawing (scale 1:72)

The monograph of the French battleship Le Fleuron 1727 is the first in a series dedicated to battleships. Of particular interest is the fact that the ship that the author chose for this monograph this 64 - gun Le Fleuron (Flower) - according to the documents of the shipmaster Blaise Olivier (Blaise Ollivier) was the first French ship of the 18th century. This ship is a classic example of the French ship school. A very capacious and complete collection of historical documents on this ship includes a complete description of the classification and characteristics, its own drawings of development engineers, original drawings of ship's decor and sculptures, a complete set of information on rigging, found in the manuscript of that period. Since archival materials are catastrophically low, the preserved documents have many gaps. However, with the ship Le Fleuron very lucky, because they managed to collect quite a lot of material from scientific sources. Gerard Delacroix, the author of this monograph, is a skilled ship model designer and an excellent draftsman. He assisted the researcher of marine archeology, Jean Boudriot, in developing this monograph. Le Fleuron attracts the attention of many modellers for its beauty, abundance of decorative ornaments and a very complex structure. Great design and elegant hull lines, beautifully made drawings, slanting inner lining, iron parts, bronze and cast-iron cannons, French rigging - all these parameters make the construction of the model interesting, exciting, but not simple. Detailed drawings, on which each board is drawn, every detail and given patterns of each frame, make it possible to make a classic model with full rigging and an Admiralty model at a scale of 1:48. For experienced modellers on this site, you can purchase parts for the Le Fleuron ship, manufactured by precision, vacuum brass investment casting wax models: ship cannons, a set of anchors, bells, a stern flashlight and other metal parts on a scale of 1:48.





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