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Model of the British 20 – cannon yacht "Royal Caroline"

The British royal 20 cannon  yacht "Royal Caroline" was built in England at the shipyard in Bedford in 1749 on the special order of King George II. The yacht was launched on January 29, 1750. This ship had excellent hull lines and excellent seaworthiness, was equipped with three masts with full sailing armament. For a very long time (71 years) the yacht served the British root and only in 1820 it was dismantled and scrapped. The yacht was one of the fastest and most beautiful ship of its time. Superstructures, boards, feed, bow were richly decorated with carved sculptures and bas-reliefs. Bow figure and stern decoration were carefully gilded.

The model of the yacht was built by master Karen Melkoian. Scale model 1:30.

Model sizes:

length is 1200 mm

height 1100 mm

width 400 mm

For the construction of the model was used pink alpine pear wood. Cast and forged metal parts are made of brass, bronze and copper. Metal parts are covered with patina and artificially aged. Cables and ropes rigging are made by hand and treated with a special preservative composition. The whole model is processed with natural oils with the addition of bituminous pigment. Made interior decoration. In the royal cabin there is furniture and decorative elements. 


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