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French 104 - gun battleship Dauphin Royal (1668)

Dauphin Royal

French 104 - gun battleship Dauphin Royal (1668) Royal Navy

Ship founded in 1667 at a shipyard in Toulon drawings shipwright Pomet,. The ship was named after the eldest son of King Louis XIV, the Dauphin Louis. Launched in 1668

The ship participated in the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690, under the command of Vice Admiral Tourville. Retired manual was dismantled in 1700.

The original historical model 104 French ship - cannon linear Dauphin Royal (1668) is exhibited in the museum Rochefort-Musee-de-la-Marine This model was built from 1751 to 1752 for educational purposes.

Reconstruction of the drawings based on the historical model created by expert Alexander Gerashchenko with the participation of master Alexey Baranov. Currently under construction the reconstruction therefore is not yet available for purchase.


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