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Ship models. Parts and drawings for ship models.Personal site of master ship modeler Alexey Baranov


Historical, large-scale models of ships, presented on the site, vividly illustrate the capabilities of the best masters of ship modelers. Any repeated copy or other project of interest to the customer can be built on an individual order.

The site contains a wide selection of components for models of ships of various sizes (ship cannons, anchors, lanterns, bells) made by the method of precise brass and bronze casting. The major part of the collection is represented by parts made according to the monographs of the French publisher Ancre. There is an opportunity on the individual request to create new parts, sets of naval artillery, decorative elements, practical items on any scale, with any level of complexity for a particular ship model.

To get preliminary information, advice or initiate negotiations regarding the order of the ship model as well as order the details you are interested in, make a request in free form.


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