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Drawings of HMS Cumberland (1774).

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Drawings of the English 74-gun ship of the line 3 rank of the Royal Navy HMS Cumberland (1774). 


Eleven archival drawings (original and processed, cleaned and supplemented) from the Greenwich Maritime Museum (UK). According to these drawings, the unique and only HMS Cumberland model was built on a 1:36 scale by master Alexey Baranov. Drawings do not have precise scaling and are intended only for experienced designers. Drawings can be purchased both in digital and in paper format.

Brief history of the ship.

HMS Cumberland (1774), British Third Rank Battleship, Royal Navy. Belonged to the type of ships of the series of Elizabeth. Designed by the captain of the ship Thomas Slade.The ship was ordered on June 8, 1768. Filmed on January 7, 1769 at the Royal Shipyard in Deptford. Launched March 29, 1774. January 8, 1780 in the squadron Rodney (Captain Peyton) took part in the attack on the fleet of Spanish "merchants". January 16 in the same squadron participated in the battle of the moonlight. June 20, 1783 participated in the Battle of Cuddalore. Dismantled in Portsmouth in 1805.









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