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100 Euro

Set of drawings, 18 sheets
It contains two scales (1:48 and 1:96)
Scale 1:48 - 10 sheets 
Scale 1:96 - 4 sheets
- Schematic view of rig and wire standing and running rigging (scale 1:96) 
- Theoretical drawing
- General view from the side of the housing
- Drawings decks 
- View from the bow and stern 
- Section through the center plane 
- Section of the body 
- Artillery and fittings 
- A longitudinal section and accommodations package
- Mast and spar
- Sails
- Wiring diagrams rigging 

Author reconstruction Alexey Baranov, Alexander Gerashchenko graphics, 3D modeling Vikor Ratsoy.

The history of the ship:
66 - gun battleship "Panteleimon Victoria"  
The ship was named in honor of Gangut (1714) and Grengamskoy (1720) victories on the day of St. Panteleimon on 27 July.  
Laid 03.22.1719, in St. Petersburg Admiralty. Builder Blaise Pangalo.  
Launched 27.07.1721, he joined the Russian Baltic Fleet.
In 1722, 1723 and 1727 as part of units and squadrons it was in practice swimming in the Gulf of Finland.
In 1726 GS squadron was at Kronstadt raid for training the crew, but did not go into the sea.
Since 1728 it stood at Kronstadt harbor, not to arm. In 1734 g.pereshel from Kronstadt to Revel. 
Collate dilapidation in 1736
Commanders: Vilboa F. (1721), D. Wilster (1723.), KN Zotov (1726), M. Korobin (1728), Aboleshev A. (1734). 


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