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Set of drawings of the imperial yacht "Queen Victoria"

50 euros

Set of 18 sheets of drawings on a scale 1:32; 1:64

Package contents drawings: 
- General projection body and rig 
- Projections of the housing 
- Theoretical drawing 
- A longitudinal section of the body, a kind of bulwark to the deck parts and equipment
- Drawings of mechanisms, construction details  
- Drawings mast, boats, davits
- Rig wiring diagrams rigging
- Wiring diagram rigging

Author reconstruction Alexey Baranov, graphics and 3D modeling Igor Kapinos, 3D modeling detailing Ratsoy Victoria.

The history of the ship:

Imperial yacht "Queen Victoria" was founded in 1844 on the Isle of Wight at the shipyard shipbuilder Joseph White. The customer is the English royal court. The yacht was designed for the Russian Emperor Nicholas I.

At noon on June 10, 1846 the yacht was launched in the presence of Esquire Temzenskogo Royal Yacht Club and the Russian consul and his wife, cut down to the stem of a wine bottle. Descent yachts accompanied by cannon salute. A contemporary of the event noted that the yacht built for the Russian Emperor "with the favorable resolution of" the Queen of England was named the "Queen Victoria". It was a true sea palace with the front cabin, decorated with rosewood and maple with a texture under the "bird's eye" prow decorated with gilded carved wood figure of the Queen "in the mantle with graceful folds" with a scepter in his right hand and the left in power.

Yacht "Queen Victoria", was incorporated under that name in the Baltic Fleet, the English crew of autumn 1846 led to Kronstadt. She was listed among both the courts Marine Guards and the Imperial St. Petersburg Yacht Club (founded by the decree of Nicholas I, May 1, 1846). Yacht sailing races participated in large yachts. The family of Nicholas I for long 29 years committed on the yacht "Queen Victoria" boat trips on the Gulf of Finland. September 6, 1875 boat crashed on the reef in front of the Bjerke-Zund, and received significant damage. However it renovated. During the overhaul of the yacht has been seriously improved. Were replaced many outdated design elements, added new details and mechanisms. In 1878-1880 years of navigation it was in the detachment of ships of the Maritime Training College. From the composition of the Baltic Fleet yacht it was excluded until the end of 1884 and demolished dilapidated.



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